Pre-Qualify for Your Florida Mortgage

The first and most important step to buying a home is getting PRE-QUALIFIED! You need to know how much of a house you can buy and when you can buy. No need to go house shopping for a home worth $500,000 if you only qualify for $400,000, and no need to shop for a house today if you can’t buy until next year.

By getting pre-qualified, you eliminate a lot of wasted time and prevent a broken heart from getting your hopes up on something you cannot procure.

Additionally, you must submit a lender pre-approval letter with all offers to purchase a home for them to be considered.

Use our “Preferred Lender” and get the FULL CREDIT of your appraisal fee on the final settlement statement at closing! This can be up to a $500 value!

Our preferred lender has tremendous experience in all facets of the loan process, from providing a pre-approval letter to underwriting to understanding all of the ever-changing rules and regulations of the bank’s requirements. This is critical to a successful transaction!

If you are looking for more than just a free appraisal and want a lender to care about your needs, to hold your hand through the entire process and to speak to you and guide you in a simple, easy to understand manner, then you are in the right place!

Call us now at 407-509-3812 or complete the “Sign Up” box and we will put you in contact with our preferred lender immediately!