Why Buy / Build a NEW Home in Greater Orlando?

Why Buy / Build NEW?

1. Build YOUR Dream!

When you purchase someone else’s home, you purchase someone else’s vision and decorating tastes.

2. Community Design.

New Home Communities are designed to balance personal and public areas, supporting customers’ needs for a sense of safety, privacy, fellowship and activity. Communities offer a variety of floor plans and home-site options, making it easy for you to find the home and neighborhood of your dreams.

3. No Surprises.

When you purchase someone else’s home, you may find someone else’s problems. A new home will not require the upkeep that an older home requires.

4. Competitive Pricing.

With numerous new homebuilders in all of the major metropolitan areas today, builders must compete for your business. This means better pricing, incentives and more included features for you.

5. Reassurance.

New homes come with warranties on appliances, structural defects, roofing and other such assurances that could be costly if replacement is needed.

6. Timing.

Builders have new homes available at a variety of different stages in the construction process, giving customers a choice in their closing time frame.

7. Long Term Money Savings and Energy Efficiency.

New homes are built much more energy efficient than homes that were built five to ten years ago. Much of the materials builders use today when building homes are low-maintenance.

8. Appreciation.

Most new homes have a longer life expectancy than existing homes, giving them a longer period of time to appreciate in value.

9. Convenient Financing.

Obtaining financing when purchasing a home can be tiresome and stressful. Builders have simplified the process with in-house lenders who will work to make sure your dream home is obtainable.

10. Advanced Technology & Design.

Retrofitting an older home for some of today’s technology can be costly and time consuming. Wiring, appliances and windows are just a few features in homes today that have improved greatly. Buy new and get the latest in technology and design.

11. Convenient and Successful Closing.

New construction builders use their own in-house title company and make sure the closing goes smoothly for you and your family. Get your keys and clickers and start enjoying your Dream Home!!