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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

I met Deanna Armel through a charity golf tournament. We were paired up in the same foursome so for 2 days, I got to know her fairly well. I found out that not only is she an owner/broker and sells residential property, but what most people don't know is that she sells golf courses! This can be no easy feat in this economy!

We owned a boat manufacturing business that my husband started 35 years ago. He was approaching 70 years old and was looking to retire. I asked Deanna during the tournament if she thought she could sell a boat manufacturing company. She wanted more information, so she met with my husband and myself.

She said that she would certainly give it a try, and try she did! She has phenomenal marketing skills along with her consummate professionalism. She weeded through over 70 interested parties that signed confidentiality agreements. When she found the right buyer, she led Steve and I through the due-diligence part with ease. 

As we approached the closing date, both parties were getting extremely nervous and cautious. Deanna held the entire deal together with her calm demeanor and expertise in closing high-dollar deals that I am sure she has experienced many times in the selling of golf courses. 

I can almost bet we could have never found anyone that could have sold our business in this economy except for Deanna Armel. I would never sell property of ours with anyone else. I know she has the entire package to complete any deal with all the knowledge and personality that it takes to get a job done and done well.

I believe that God had a hand in us meeting and I will always cherish our friendship. She is the "One in a Billion” that you will be lucky to use to sell your home, buy a home or sell your business.

My husband and I had waited a long time to buy our first home. We finally got to a place where we were ready to buy and walked in to a very challenging market consisting of lots of buyers with limited inventory, particularly in the area where we looking to call home. We tried unsuccessfully to bid on quite a few houses, but were not able to win a bid and became very disheartened with our home search.

Fortunately, a friend of mine referred us to Deanna Armel. Right from our first phone conversation, I felt complete confidence with Deanna. She was honest about what we needed to do and also very supportive.

Not long after we started working with Deanna we had some great opportunities, but still hadn’t found a house we loved. She could have easily lost patience with us, but she persistently continued to search for the perfect home for us.

Then one day it happened. We walked into our house and loved it at first sight. It had everything we were hoping for. Both my husband and I had never wanted to win a bid more. At first the owners only wanted to entertain cash buyers, but Deanna didn’t quit and kept us in the mix. Despite 8 other offers, we wound up winning the bid and now are so excited about our first home.

Every step of the way Deanna was always available and ready to help with any questions we had. She turned what had been a very difficult process into an easy one and made our dream of home ownership a reality. We are so incredibly thankful for Deanna!!

Deanna Armel was a God Send!

We originally were working with a different realtor to sell our home. We had a myriad of problems with the transaction. They strongly pushed us to list the house for 15% less than the Zillow estimate and significantly less price/sq/ft than what other homes sold. When we did get a contract – it was a disaster! So many problems that it was an extremely stressful time………..Then we met with Deanna – and life quickly changed for the better!

Deanna didn’t want to sell our home quickly at a rock bottom price – she wanted to get TOP dollar for our home. She walked through the home and gave us suggestions of what things needed to be fixed, de-cluttered, or changed for the best showing. She even came over and helped paint and repair some walls for us – WOW! She created amazing brochures and pictures to market the beauty and value of the home.
Long story short – she got us top dollar and we sold and closed on the home in 40 days. Amazing!

Another important part of working with Deanna was her professionalism and value-add to the sales process. We have sold several homes buy-owner in the past, and we normally preferred not to pay someone else to sell the home. But with Deanna – it was worth it! She got Top Dollar – sold the house quickly – and did all the work! I had ZERO stress or worry throughout the process because Deanna did all the work of selling the house.

The best testimonial I have is that I then asked her to sell one of our other properties and she did a great job there as well! I have recommended her to others and recommend her to you. She is the BEST!

Thanks for everything Deanna!

During a casual conversation with friends over dinner at our house, we mentioned that we were thinking about selling our existing home and moving to one smaller with less yard maintenance. Yes, I am getting older; but, not Zarela. Our friends exclaimed, “Deanna Armel at Armel Real Estate is the first person we should talk to”. They were right.

Deanna has a sixth sense analyzing your needs both on the sales and purchasing end. We made an appointment to tour a few homes. She quickly distilled down to exactly what we were looking for. Deanna found a new under construction home that was exactly what we wanted giving us the opportunity to build out to our specifications. The third day Deanna and Eddie showed up. It was Thursday afternoon for pictures of our place, then, editing the photos and applying them to music through the night, they created the most beautiful home tour for an MLS listing we have ever seen. The listing came up Friday at 5 pm. We had a showing Saturday, another one Sunday, and a sale Monday with a 2 month lease back she negotiated that we really desired... The sale was made at asking price.

It seems impossible looking back. At no time throughout the process did we feel hurried. Deanna anticipated the questions we wanted to have answered and also provided the answers to the questions we should have thought to ask. We were made to feel like we were the most important people in her life. Her responses were immediate at all times and throughout the process, she prepared us in what to expect and assisted us with unbelievable kindness and professionalism. Deanna and Armel Real Estate have made friends for life and extremely pleased and gratified customers that will never fail to refer another client her way. Thank you Deanna!

Deanna Armel is one special realtor. We met Deanna as a result of a mailed solicitation sent to our Tennessee home regarding a property we owned in Orlando. We decided upon listing with Deanna largely based on her stated willingness to go the extra mile with helping us to prepare the home as we were absentee owners. Her efforts were well beyond expectations in this area. She assisted us with furniture donations and identifying and supervising several supporting contractors in preparing the home for sale. We ended up with a solid offer for the home after one week on the market. Three weeks later, the sale was closed without a serious hitch in the process. We would highly recommend Deanna and Armel Real Estate for realtor services. Her advice during the process was sound and resulted in a quick sale at a fair price.

After searching for a home for a year and half my husband and I were beyond frustrated and almost gave up on our dream of home ownership. I am so happy we didn't give up and so thankful we met Deanna Armel. Deanna is dedicated to her profession and actually showed us our new home on Christmas Day! While working with Deanna, we felt at ease, the process was seamless, we even closed a week early! Her warm personality, commitment to customer service and professional attention to detail make her the ideal solution to any frustrated buyer/seller. I am proud to say Deanna Armel is our Realtor.

When my husband, first mentioned getting a realtor to help with the sale of our house, I was not very open to the idea. Our neighbor had great things to say about Deanna but I was still apprehensive. I had heard so many scary stories about realtors who are not concerned about the customer and are more focused on getting the house sold. In addition, we needed to make sure we sold our house at a certain price in order to afford our new house. Needless to say, I did not want to pay someone to sell our home. DEANNA WAS WORTH IT!!!

After our first meeting with Deanna in our dining room, late one evening after work, we were BOTH on board! Deanna was professional, prepared and very knowledgeable. She made suggestions for little things that could be done for the best showing and even took it upon herself to fix little things around the house. There were no dumb questions and she was always proactive in addressing any potential issues ahead of time. In early December, Deanna became our realtor. She made brochures that beautifully illustrated our home. She was always very responsive and provided updates prior to and post every scheduled visit.

On Christmas Day, Deanna told us there was a potential buyer that wanted to see the house. We both felt that she should try to reschedule and spend the time with her family given that it was a holiday. However, Deanna made the necessary accommodations to schedule the visit. We were so happy she did because a few hours later we got A GREAT OFFER and LESS THAN 20 DAYS later we were CLOSING!!!

From beginning to end, the process was great. We never felt rushed or stressed. We received updates on a regular basis and felt like we were always her top priority. With Deanna, you can tell that she genuinely cares about you and is always looking out for your best interest. She’s an exceptional realtor because she is an exceptional person!

When most people think of a Realtor they usually think of a person who is only out for money and not looking for the best interests of their client. Well if you are reading this please know that the previous statement does not reflect the kind of person Deanna Armel is. Deanna is one of the most personable, well organized and goal minded people that we have ever met.

We first heard of Deanna when she listed and quickly sold a couple homes on our street in Lake Nona. Deanna was not part of a nationally recognized realtor agencies so at first we were quite surprised that she sold our neighbors’ homes quickly at top dollar.  But after getting to know her we now look back and realize how she does it. Deanna uses her people skills and market knowledge in order to obtain the result her clients want-- a home sold in a quick manner at a very fair price.

From the first time we met Deanna, which we actually cold called her while looking at new homes in a nearby community, we knew there was no one else that we would use to market our home if we chose to sell. The day that we contacted Deanna she met us at the builders location and after touring the houses she drove to our home to give us an evaluation of what we could expect in the current market. Most realtors would not have picked the phone up on the initial call or made the time that day to meet with a potential client, but Deanna Armel is not a normal realtor, she’s an exceptional one.

Even though we did not choose to put our home on the market at that time, we stayed in contact with Deanna for about a year. There was not one time that she did not respond to a call or an email from us. With most realtors if you are not a client that wants to get a deal done now you are WORTHLESS  to them, but that’s not what Deanna is about. After about a year of constantly reaching out to her with questions and requests for her opinion, a career opportunity came about in another city, which meant we would probably need to sell our home. After a few weeks of making the daily roundtrip from Orlando to Tampa for work, we decided to have Deanna market our home.   Deanna quickly did her research and met us at our home to inform us of her plan (and what a plan it was!). Deanna did a complete evaluation of our home and gave her suggestions on a couple items that needed to be touched up.

Deanna then suggested we have an appraisal done so we could have as an extra selling tool when potential buyers were looking at our home. 2 days after we decided to sell our home Deanna has a professional photographer take the pictures for the MLS listing. Many realtors will take their own pictures for the listing but Deanna explained to us that the pictures act as the initial tool to get a buyer interested. When we saw the pictures we were amazed!!! The same day the pictures were taken Deanna listed our home (this was the Friday before Thanksgiving). Deanna took it upon herself to generate professional booklets for our home so the potential buyers could take with them. It’s all about professionalism with Deanna!! During the first weekend there were multiple calls and many showings. 4 days after the listing was posted we had an offer that was higher than our asking price. Deanna stressed to us that pricing a home appropriately is the most important factor when selling a home. Amazing- 2 days before Thanksgiving and a contract was signed!!!!

After the contract was signed Deanna did not stop with impressing us. She was present during all of the inspections and appraisals which we felt was very important since we work all day and did not have to take time off. After this home was under contract we quickly found a home in Tampa that we put a contract on. The next step was trying to close the properties on the same day. We knew it was possible but also knew that hurdles always come up in business deals.  Deanna continued to provide us details and updates from the buyer’s agent regarding their financing and constantly stayed 100% involved to make sure the transactions would close as planned. With Deanna on our side the entire process went smooth and seamlessly. We closed on our home in Orlando (Lake Nona) at 9am and bought our new home in Tampa at 11am.

If you are interested in purchasing or selling a home or just have questions about real estate you need to contact Deanna Armel!!!!! Not only did she sell our home in 4 days during the Thanksgiving holidays she has recently sold additional homes in our old community. When you work with Deanna Armel you are working with a Professional who cares!!!

Hard-working, knowledgeable and an expert are just a few words to describe Deanna Armel. I waited two years to decide whether I wanted to build a new home. I had so many reservations about selling my home in the challenging market conditions and also taking on the stress of building a new home. Deanna’s network and knowledge contributed to the sale of my home at full asking price before officially going on the market. She took care of everything which allowed me to focus on moving my family with minimal distractions.

I received conflicting advice that you don’t need a realtor for a new house build. I can assure you that it’s only helpful if you have someone like Deanna who was with me EVERY step of the way. She was committed by attending all of my meetings with the builder and bringing countless recommendations to the table that I would have never considered. Her response time was impeccable which a true testament of her commitment to you is. I felt like I was her only client. Despite the issues I had with the builders constant delays, I always felt my interests were always taken care of because of Deanna. In all the industries I’ve done business with, Deanna, by far is the most professional!

"Deanna is that one in a billion!"

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